Quick Tutorial

SSLTool: A Matlab toolbox for EEG surface Laplacian

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Using the GUI

The Main Gui of SSLTool is pretty much self-explainatory.

After installation (which is nothing more than put the unzipped folder on Matlab search path), type "ssltool" without the quotation mark in Matlab command window, and the main Gui will pop up.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Click "Load Model"; click open to load default model.
  • Click "Load Data"; then click ok, then click open to load default data.
  • Goto Plot & Movie tab, click the play movie button;
  • Drag mouse on the canvas to rotate.
  • Play around with Plot & Movie tab and Graphic tab.
  • Click "Export" at the Main tab.


Using as Function

SSLTool can also be used as standard functions in Matlab scripts. For example, type the following in Matlab command window:



X = ssltool(D,M)


Use the Matlab help system (e.g. help ssltool) for details.